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G-Dragon wallpaper! First size 1024x768, second 1366x768 and third 1980x1280

Resource list: http://fav.me/d7vna1g

Happy birthday to our everything-in-one leader!

More Photos of GD from his Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to the one and only @xxxibgdrgn

Happy Bday G! @xxxibgdrgn #tokyo

Where’s the party at? #GDBD #TOKYO #FAM

HBD @xxxibgdrgn  #lastnite #3夜連続

Happy Birthday Again @xxxibgdrgn  with boy george @nicolaformichetti #lastnite #GDBD

Source: nicolaformichetti + harry__kim + verbal_ambush + tetsuyanishimura + shun_watanabe@instagram

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Big Bang G-Dragon - Chow Tai Fook 2014


I should probably go to sleep…


I should probably-


I should-


Fuck it.


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